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Human Hair V Modacrylic Hair

If you want wash & wear convenience, choose a wig or hairpiece featuring man-made fibre hair. Human hair requires time and regular attention, the same as normal, growing hair. But, unlike modacrylic fibre, human hair will be receptive to non-bleaching hair colourants and is not subject to the friction frizzing or damage caused by heated curling appliances. It is therefore a more flexible material. Expect to pay 3-4 times more for human hair, as there are limited resources and processing is expensive. The highest prices apply if the hair length exceeds 12" (30cm), and it is rarely available beyond a length of 20" (50cm) - especially in lighter colours. White human hair is not recommended, as this tends to oxidise yellow within 3-4 months. White modacrylic fibre does not discolour and is always used to produce grey mixture shades.
Conclusion: Do not confuse the higher cost of human hair with less effort.

Cleaning Care: Step One ........

Pre-washing - IMPORTANT
Remove all tangles with thorough brushing before any washing commences.
Wigs washed whilst tangled may prove impossible to comb or brush later if this pre-wash procedure is ignored.
TIP: Apply Trendco Lubricant to aid brushing and easy removal of any tangles.

Cleaning Care: Step Two........

Fill a bowl or basin with luke-warm water - NEVER HOT,
as this will cause the base materials to stretch out of shape or cause loss of colour or curl. Apply Trendco Shampoo to the water and lather. Immerse wig or hairpiece into the water and lightly shampoo as if washing a delicate fabric. NEVER rub vigorously.
TIP: Leave the wig to soak in the shampoo and water for 5 minutes before washing.
This will loosen any stubborn debris and require less rubbing friction. Repeat the washing process if you feel that the first wash has not fully cleansed the hair or fibre.

Cleaning Care: Step Three........

Using a jug and cold water, rinse the shampoo from the wig until the water runs clear of suds.
TIP: Always rinse the shampoo off with the water flowing in the direction of the hair of fibre, i.e. from the roots to the ends. Never use hot water unless you wish to straighten or loosen the original curl/wave.

Cleaning Care: Step Four........

After rinsing, the wig or hairpiece should be placed on a flat towel to have the excess water dabbed away.
TIP: Lightly spray Trendco Lubricant onto the wig after towel drying to aid later brushing, and to return oils lost through the washing procedure.

Cleaning Care: Step Five.......

Place the wig onto a head form and gently comb or brush the fibre hair into the direction of the finished style. Allow to completely dry off at room temperature.


Never allow hair or fibre to become dry and brittle, as this will cause breakage. The oils contained inTrendcoís Lubricant Spray and Soft & Sheen keep fibre hair soft, supple and healthy-looking. With human hair, use a spray-on and leave-in conditioner weekly to reduce wear and maintain its condition.

Making Life Easier........

Invest in a wig block and clamp holder, as this will make setting and brushing so much easier. A wig block also keeps the foundation in shape - rather like a hanger is to clothes.

Skin Crowns & Partings........

Depending on the style, several models are made with the hair or fibre drawn through skin-coloured material to give a more natural look. It is not, however, possible to change the direction of the hair in these sections. Therefore, do be sure that the factory-made crown or parting is positioned the way you intend to keep it during the wearing lifetime of the wig. For more flexible partings and breaks, select a wig that has a hand-knotted monofilament top finish, e.g. Louis Ferre or You Again.


A professional wig specialist can restore fibre hair that has lost its original curl pattern.

Root-Teasing/Backcombing - Why it's there........

The objective is to give the hair root lift as well as to take some thickness out of the end lengths. Another benefit is that the texture given by teasing, covers the line of wefting and foundation underneath. Root-teasing is a technique used in the production of most machine-wefted wigs, depending on the finished hair style. Hand-tied hair or fibre does not undergo this process, as knotted hair has its own root lift.


Modacrylic fibre cannot be bleached or dyed, but human hair can be recoloured darker or brighter. NEVER attempt to bleach lighter, processed human hair.

If you are in doubt as to how your wig should be washed and conditioned, arrange to return to your dealer for a demonstration of the correct procedure.

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